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♔ haruki yume ♔
A video game addict. a music junkie. an aspiring artist. a rabid fangirl. a fanfiction reader. an internet lurker. a lazy icon maker. a smilie abuser. hyperactive. over-obsessive. a procrastinator. nocturnal. extremely repetitive. unusually shy. very sensitive. silly. a band geek. a technology lover. slightly materialistic. and very random.

Fangirl of final fantasy. gyakuten saiban/ace attorney. disgaea. persona. taiko no tatsujin. dj max. katamari damacy. star ocean. etrian odyssey. rune factory. patapon. monster hunter. the sims. xenosaga. animal crossing. lucky star. the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya. rozen maiden. meru puri. vampire knight. ouran high school host club. ultra maniac. gokusen. nobuta wo produce. kamikaze girls. boa. tommy february6/heavenly6. perfume. aya hirano. wonder girls. ayumi hamasaki. utada hikaru. ayaka. chieko kawabe. yui. kat-tun. an café. iosys. koda kumi. kotoko. ami suzuki. namie amuro. hyori lee. sanrio. and pretty much anything video game related.

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